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OUR ACACIA HARDWOOD ADVANTAGE 1.Great Durability & Hardness ( Over 2000psi Jank rating) 2.High Termite & Fugi Resistance under Cruel weather conditions 3.35 Years Up Life Span for residential use 4.Extremly high Scratch & Dent resistance with 9 UV coats 5.Fantastic Golden walnut wood grains & wild swirling wood texture WHY FROM ACACIA DEPOT ? I. Raw Material Advangage Our mill plant located in Zhongshan of South China,where is very close to short...

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  ABOUT US   We are a factory direct supplier located in South China mainly focus on source & mill acacia hardwood flooring both in solid and multi-ply engineered one.With a full set of facilities including Oven drying, rough-sawn wood plank milling & grade selection, splints repairing workers, Homag mouldering machines as well as finish application lines.It makes us...[ Read More ]

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Acacia flooring attracts guests' admiration for the establishment. Naturally, the flooring collections gave each building a sophisticated and modern look. Additionally, solid acacia flooring can be customized to complement a variety of light and white colour schemes. We always deliver solid acacia flooring that looks amazing and comes with a 100% guarantee. It has many features and can comprehend the requirements. Therefore, it must discover different outcomes and be able to forever adapt to branded material designs. It considers unique variations in the width and hardwood as well as custom-made options. In this sector, hardwood flooring is increasingly popular. For eight to nine coats, all unfinished hardwood planks will be handled on an automatic painting line. This hardwood flooring saves money and time when installed on the job site because no additional sanding or refinishing is required.

Fully sealed

We use high-quality aluminium oxide coating with to brand name TREFFERT, or PPG imported from Germany and the United States. Our company treats our prefinished acacia hardwood flooring with nine coats. It has seven base lacquered and two UV anti-scratch top coatings. A warranty of five years without wear can be provided for residential use. The high-quality finish seals the acacia wood board completely on all six sides. Therefore, it is not exclusively to expand the flooring surface hardness or hostile to scratch resistance, but likewise as a clamminess boundary. The solid acacia hardwood flooring has a full matt gloss, making it easy to see all the natural hardwood grains. All acacia timber humidity is controlled below MC11% in our oven drying facility before the final finish. It will primarily reduce gaps, checking, shrinkage, and expansion because a high humidity level in acacia wood flooring may lift the coating finish. Therefore, properly installing the kiln door is crucial to avoiding problems after installation.

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